Structural waterproofing contractors

Structural waterproofing & basement sump pump installation, Leeds

Structural waterproofing services

Our experienced contractors offer high quality sump pump installations and structural waterproofing services in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and surrounding areas.

Using Triton structural waterproofing systems and market-leading sump pumps, our experts can solve any cellar damp issues or water ingress problems in order to make your basement completely watertight and ready for conversion and use.

The cellar waterproofing process

Free waterproofing survey

We offer free structural waterproofing surveys with no obligation to proceed – although we’re sure that our knowledge, professionalism and competitive pricing will appeal! Your CSSW qualified surveyor will create a bespoke design for a robust waterproofing solution.

Cellar strip out & dig out

Any basement waterproofing project starts with the essential preparation work – and our latest cutting machinery ensures that all perimeter and sump pump drainage channels are cut neatly without creating dust – keeping everything in your home clean and tidy.

Structural waterproofing installation

Our lead basement waterproofing contractor personally carries out the installation of your Triton waterproofing system, bringing 40 years of experience to ensure long-lasting results. We won’t take short cuts with this essential foundation of your basement conversion.

Insurance and aftercare

All of our structural waterproofing work comes with our own 10 year guarantee, plus a 10 year insurance-backed guarantee from Triton – plus we also offer maintenance and servicing plans to ensure your guarantee remains valid, and your cellar stays dry.

Why choose us to waterproof your basement?

The extensive training we’ve completed gives you 100% peace of mind that we know how to get the very best from the Triton waterproofing systems we use. These systems are a much improved approach to the structural waterproofing process than the traditional tanking method, giving you added confidence that your cellar will stay dry and won’t be vulnerable to flooding.

We also provide:
  • Fully qualified and experienced contractors
  • A friendly and approachable service
  • Complete transparency
  • Full design and consultation service
How structural waterproofing works

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Cellar sump pumps

Basement sump pump installation services

Being below ground, cellars have the potential to be invaded by water that naturally sits underneath the construction – so as part of your basement conversion and structural waterproofing project, you’ll also need to have a sump pump installed.

This prevents underground water from building up and flooding the basement, and also helps to eliminate the water that is redirected by the structural waterproofing system. We’ll advise on the right type of sump pump installation required, and only use the highest standards of products.

Sump pump maintenance and de-scaling

Sump pump limescale removal

All of our cellar waterproofing and sump pump systems meet British Standard 8102:2009, but while they’re the most reliable approach to waterproofing, they need to be maintained to keep them in full working order.

Limescale build up and a lack of cleaning and servicing can lead to sump pump failure, which can be costly and inconvenient to repair while also invalidating your guarantee. We offer competitive maintenance packages along with our structural waterproofing and sump pump installation services.

Sump pump limescale removal

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